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Diamond Core Drilling provides incredibly precise method of forming holes in various hard materials including Reinforced Concrete, Brickwork, Natural Stone or Tiles without spoiling to either side of the hole. The non-vibratory technique is a quick solution when a quiet operation is required while maintaining the structural integrity of the surface.

Core Drilling utilises water to reduce the dust levels which in turn reduces the noise level of the process and JM Coring Ltd have used this technique for clients in various industries including Building Contractors, Civil Engineering and Property Developers.

Benefits of Diamond Core Drilling

  • Clean, quiet and non-vibratory ensuring the technique can be used in a range of situations and premises.
  • Can be used to solve almost any drilling problem as JM Coring Ltd can use Diamond Drilling to bore from 5mm to 1000mm
  • JM Coring Ltd’s fully equipped team can perform Diamond Drilling throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK