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Floor Sawing or Chasing is used to slice through Heavily Reinforced Concrete or Asphalt. JM Coring Ltd can complete precision cuts to a depth of 700mm. It can be used on external surfaces such as roads and pavements or internal surfaces such as ground floors within large structures.

This technique can be used to produce sections within a surface, expansion joints, remove defective concrete or as a demolition service when refurbishing. JM Coring Ltd work to meet our client’s needs and the outcomes of the project. We can complete jobs in a restricted timescale and we use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure we provide a cost-effective solution for our clients.

Benefits of Floor Sawing

  • This is a relatively clean cutting technique as it is dust free
  • Cost-effective method of cutting internal and external surfaces
  • The precise method of the technique and JM Coring Ltd’s attention to detail ensures a successful outcome with each project
  • Fully equipped team that can complete Floor Sawing jobs throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK