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Wire Sawing is used to remove large structures or large sections of material. It is applied when other sawing techniques or machinery do not suit the job or access is restricted. Our method utilises a diamond-impregnated wire fed through a pulley-system to produce cuts of various shapes, sizes and depths in a range of materials including Reinforced Concrete, Brickwork or metal work such as Steel Beams.

Wire Sawing is often used to make cuts in structures such as towers or bridges because this technique produces precise results in restricted spaces. This method is favoured by water companies who request it to cut through steel water pipes.

Benefits of Wire Sawing

  • It produces clean, smooth cuts while ensuring the remaining structure is undamaged
  • Clean and relatively quick process that produces effective and precise results
  • Flexible service that can provide a solution for jobs in restricted or awkward spaces
  • JM Coring Ltd’s expert team can perform Wire Sawing throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK